This investigation aims to reveal the connections between Azerbaijan state bodies, commercial organizations tied to official Baku and US Lobbyists, and to show the amount of money spent on the promotion of Azerbaijan interests in the USA.

Investigation reveals the main goals they pursue — to demonstrate Azerbaijan as a democratic state, promote its Energy sector, achieve a favorable resolution to Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and eliminate Section 907 of the Freedom Support Act. Huge amount of data was analyzed to reveal the sophisticated net of connections involved in the lobbying process. Myriads of contracts were investigated, and traces of millions of dollars spent on lobbying were found. However, seeing the manipulations committed, facts of intentional and skillful hiding of the sums from the contracts, and using third party companies as mediators, we believe, that the obtained information about the Azerbaijan’s expenditure is only a small part of the real amount.

The research will dwell on the following issues: The contracts worth millions, Pro-Azerbaijan rhetoric in US mass media, Links to US Administration.

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