News portal, claims that terroristic groups are fighting together with Artsakh army. Some videos and photos are presented as evidences.


Video – Those soldiers are Yezidis, who are living in Armenia and have their own community. Those people are not PKK, they were born in Armenia and stand for Armenia.

Further details: InfoCheck 

Photos – on both photos you can see son of the famous Armenian actress Arsine Navasardyan:

“My name is Arsine Navasardyan and I am a well-known movie actress and artist in Armenia. I declare to the knowledge of the whole world that in this photo are my Son (on the left) and his friend. We are Armenians and citizens of the Republic of Armenia. We have always been and will be Armenians. I want to declare that the azerbaijaninan media is attempting to spread blatantly false information about my Armenian son and his Armenian friends and other brave Armenian fighters, as though they are foreign mercenaries. Please, spread the word.”

Source: Arsine Navasardyan