Azerbaijani government keeps the limited access to internet for local population. People claim having troubles to connect social media, search for VPN connections. The only allowed source of information are state channels and twitter supported by Ilham Aliyev’s press-centre.

Social Media Stats in Azerbaijna show that starting from September 2020 the access to following networks like Faceebok, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter was limited in the country.

Murad Gazdiev, a news correspondent at RT International who specialises in global hotspots posted in his Twitter:

Local azeri citizens also claimed that they had problems with the connections and asked to follow only updates announced by the Azerbaijani government.

Natella Osmanli, Azerbaijani writer, blogger & journalist, posted on 27 September on her Facebook:

Now I would like to appeal to Azerbaijanis living abroad.
We have serious communication interruptions in the country. From the Armenian side, there is a huge stream of disinformation on social networks, including comments under
• news
• publications of political scientists and journalists.
Please respond as much as possible. There is no need to enter into polemics or go over to the personalities of Armenian propagandists, no matter what heresy they write.
Leave clear, informative comments on the topic: history of the conflict, UN resolutions on the integrity of Azerbaijan – numbered 884, 874, 822 and 853 (you can already learn it), the July escalation initiated by Armenia – along the perimeter of the peaceful border; 7 conditions that Pashinyan set, etc.
A minimum of emotions. Maximum of facts.
As sources, if you need dates and names, use the official sites: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the president’s site, etc.
Do not share unofficial information.”

Azerbaijani citizens discuss in the forum how to connect to Internet via VPN.