Azerbaijani major poster that spreads propaganda with the hashtag “Stop Armenian Aggression” was staged with the girl in the studio, and posted by the azeri Instagram influencers – Diana Ahadpour and Ulviyya Mahmudova.

Azerbaijani authorities use a child to gain international sympathy. Poster clearly shows the crying girl and city ruins on background as if created after “Armenian attacks”. However, it’s seen that the girl was forced to cry and people on the background comfort her by says she did a good job. 

Backstage posted by Diana Ahadpouriana Ahadpour

Another person behind this shooting campaign is Ulviyya Mahmudova who also posted the backstage ( nickname @olivem4h/ @olivemah ), an Azerbaijan public figure, editor-in-chief of Nargis Magazine, and the niece of the сurrent First Lady of Azerbaijan, Mehriban Aliyeva. UlviYYa Mahmudova is one of the top influencer in Azerbaijan with 394 387 audience on Instagram. 

Aida and Ulviyya Mahmudov’s with Miroslava Duma

Currently Diana’s and Ulviyya’s profiles are deactivated.