The tweet of a young Azerbaijani girl @djafarlees (account deleted later) posted a few weeks ago has been leaving people in shock till this day. The Azerbaijani teenager asks her compatriots on Twitter if they could kill an Armenian child.

The tweet could have been easily lost in the flow of many other anti-Armenian propaganda posts if it wasn’t for the answers. Many other Azerbaijani Twitter users admitted that they had the guts to kill children without blinking an eye even .

However none of them finds this willingness to become a baby-killer to be an act of terrorism as they have an “appropriate justification”. According to them, Armenians are condemned to death starting from the very birth, otherwise they will grow up and kill Azerbaijani children. Thus Azerbaijani people view the possible massacre of Armenians, including children, as a well-deserved revenge for what allegedly happened almost 30 years ago.

“Hello, world! The youngest Artsakhtsi was born a few hours ago in Stepanakert! Baby feels just fine!” the Republic of Artsakh’s official Twitter account wrote yesterday.

With Turkey and Azerbaijan launching a war against Armenia and the de facto Republic of Artsakh, a mother named Ellada has given birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy.

The Artsakh Twitter account, which is maintained by the Digital Diplomacy team of Artsakh’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has also revealed that the baby’s name is David.

Baby David has been the second known birth since Azerbaijan began its invasion attempt of Artsakh on Sunday.

Later, a woman wounded by Azerbaijani shelling gave birth to another beautiful baby boy named Monte Derdzyan, as previously reported by Greek City Times.

Little Ararat from Artsakh was born in Yerevan and named after his father, who is now fighting at the Artsakh frontline. He was discharged in military uniform, and with a hat that reads: “We will win.”

Newborn Artsakh ‘serviceman’ discharged from hospital,

However, despite the death and devastation occurring in Artsakh, these miracles have not been able to soften the hearts of many Azerbaijanis, with many Twitter users openly admitting that they would kill Armenian baby’s.

Azerbaijani Twitter users showed their full ugliness when @djafarlees, whose account has since been deleted, posed the question “would you kill an Armenian baby?”

These are the debates the youth of Azerbaijan are having. Just pure hate and evil. Many other shocking admittances of murdering babies from Azerbaijani twitter were recorded.

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