Navai Bakirov (Navaib) – Russian musician, rapper of Azerbaijani origin, who is part of the duet “HammAli & Navai”. Instagram follower base reaches over 1 million people.


Recently Navai posted a misleading information praying for the victims of the city Ganja, yet publishing pictures from Syria. He expressed his deep concerns, as his father lives close to that place and speaks that rockets regularly fly all over the place.

“I am worrying a lot. The rocket fell near my house. And my father is right there now. I immediately called, he said all the windows were knocked out at home. Father says rockets arrive regularly. Also, all my brothers are at the frontline, they are at the front from the first day! I just didn’t want to share my feelings. 7 cousins! Their parents, wives, children are completely on my support, since they quit their job and left to defend the territorial integrity of our Azerbaijan! That is why I do not want War, I do not want to bury my brothers. And I don’t want anyone to bury someone.”

In a short time picture was deleted and the account was set to private after receiving a backlash from users. Picture which Navai posted was originally made in 2015 in Syria with the refugee child and has nothing to do with the events in Azerbaijan.

However, Azerbaijani media published articles praising famous rap singer and his Instagram post.

“Qarabağ bizimdir, vəssalam!” – Navaibdən Azərbaycana dəstək paylaşımı (aqreqator.az)

“Qarabağ bizimdir, vəssalam!” – Navaibdən Azərbaycana dəstək paylaşımı (hokm.az)

Evidence to original picture from the war in Syria:
The Atlantic magazine “Syria’s Children”