Vegan Community claims that Armenians recruit “Kamikaze” Dogs. Armenians abuse the loyalty of animals by sending the to involuntary suicide mission.

Vegan Community on Instagram posted on 20 October 2020:
In the context of animal protection, I can judge these events solely from the positions of animal welfare and based on real facts. What I found out today plunged me into a deep shock! The Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan has established that specially trained kamikaze dogs are used in the Armenian army in the war with Azerbaijan in Azerbaijani territory. We are now talking about the Armenian people or about the Armenian nation, because for me personally there are no bad nations and we are talking about the Armenian government, which is creating incredible cruelty in EVEN unfortunate dogs, exploiting them in kamikaze in the war with Azerbaijan! I couldn’t even imagine that someone in the 21st century could think os something like that! This is an unprecedented level cruelty and the entire world animal protection movement, and especially the Armenian animal -protection movement, must rebel against this practice! This is a very big threat to the very idea of zoo protection, the idea of ethical treatment of animals and, in general, the idea of humane treatment of animals!No one has the right to use poor animals in this war!This is not their war and a person has no right to turn any animal into a weapon of war, and even more so to wage an occupation war on the land of a sovereign state with the help of kamikadze dogs!I call on every animal protector and the animal protection movement of the whole world to categorically protest against the exploitation of dogs as kamikadze in the Armenian army!This is the peak of cruelty towards poor dogs!

After numerous attempts to contact the editors, reports and messages, this post has been taken down. Vegan Community posted a public statement with the apology to Armenian community for spreading misleading information.

To make sure Armenians are fine with the fact of admiting the mistake, Vegan Community published another video with Armenian solders cherish the animals.