Child’s xenophobia is widely spready in Azerbaijan. Here are few examples where kids express their intolerance towards Armenia.

Hello world, my name is Arzu. I am the voice of the future generation of Azerbaijan. I have a message for Armenian terrorists. You have killed the innocent children of Azerbaijan and you are proud of it. You are happy to see Azerbaijani children murdered. But not a single child killed by Armenian vandal-terrorists is dead. They are all alive – these children live in me and in every soul of the future strong Azerbaijani generation.
Look at me carefully. You are now looking into the faces of innocent murdered children. Thanks to our beloved President Ilham Aliyev, a strong, educated and patriotic generation is developing in Azerbaijan, who is ready to give its life for its homeland. We will worthily continue the bright path of grandfather Heydar and our President Ilham Aliyev, whom you are very afraid of, because he will return all the occupied lands to the last square centimetre.
Azerbaijan, headed by our commander-in-chief, is already restoring not only the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, but justice in general. Karabakh is Azerbaijan! And we, in turn, are the future guarantee of this statement.

Ps. While claiming rights to the occupied territory by numerous mentions that Armenians killed poor children, the girl Arzu wears a shirt from Burberry brand that costs a half of the average salary in Azerbaijan.

I would like to appeal to the whole world, and especially to the Armenians. My name is Mubariz. I think this name has been familiar to you for a long time. Stop shedding the blood of innocent people. Especially small children. Your actions are terror over civilians. Karabakh is not your land. Stop before it’s too late. And we are fighting for our native lands. As our President Ilham Aliyev said, “Karabakh is Azerbaijan!”

Video extract show father with his two kids. He wants all Armenians to die in a very rude form. Then the kids start repeating