A new ‘defense minister’ was appointed instead of Jalal Harutyunyan who died at a hospital with heavy wounds in the military clashes, Trend reports on October 27.

According to Azerbaijani media, the military leadership of the illegal regime is suffering one defeat after another, as a result of successful military operation of Azerbaijani Armed Forces.

The video footage of the destruction of a car with Harutyunyan by a drone strike was published by the Azerbaijani and shared with the media.

As a result of a “brilliant” operation developed and carried out by the Ministry of Defence in cooperation with the special services of Azerbaijan, Jalal Harutyunyan’s official car was discovered and taken under surveillance. After making sure that J. Harutyunyan was in the car and was going to one of the combat positions, the car was hit from an operational-tactical medium-altitude UAV, Azeri Daily reports.

But what happened?

Lt. General Jalal Harutyunyan, who served as Minister of Defense of Artsakh was wounded in action, leaving him incapacitated as Minister of Defense/Commander of Defense Army. The President of Artsakh Arayik Harutyunyan appointed Lt. General Mikayel Arzumanyan on October 27 to be the new Minister of Defense and Commander of the military.

President Harutyunyan also awarded Jalal Harutyunyan with the Hero of Artsakh title.

Artsakh presidential spokesperson Vahram Poghosyan told ARMENPRESS that there are no complications in Harutyunyan’s recovery process.

“Let me say right away that Mr. Harutyunyan’s life is not at risk, and, fortunately, the wound he sustained in one of the combat positions is not severe, and he will return to the army ranks very soon. He is recovering, there are no complications,” Poghosyan said.

For the second time already, the Azerbaijani press is spreading false information about Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) now former defence minister and Defense Army commander Jalal Harutyunyan, that as if he has fallen.

Source: ArmenpressNews.am , Trend.az , Armradio.am , AzeriDaily , Azvision.az