Breaking news, TAKVIM web TV, 3 civilians lost their lives and 10 civilians were injured in the attack that Armenia carried out in violation of the ceasefire. Kerim Ulak, the news reporter shared the latest developments in the region from the alleged attack site in Barda, while the footage in background is from the shelling of Stepanakert.

Kerim Ulak reports that Armenia has targeted 16 Azerbaijani cities so far, including Tartar, Barda and Ganja. 75+ civilians killed, over 100 civilians injured, including women and children. Armenia carries out smerch attacks.

He also said that the Artsakh defence minister has fallen, so for Armenians it’s a big tragedy (fake news again). To have their revenge, Armenians will continue attacking innocent civilians.

The thing is that the videos played in this report as the evidence of Armenian attacks were originally made in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh).

The original video footage was filmed by BARS Media on the territory of Artsakh, in particular, in Stepanakert. The report of a Turkish journalist showed several destruction of the capital of Artsakh residential buildings after the explosions.

Azerbaijani Forces Bombing Civilians in Stepanakert

Bomb in the civilian building in Stepanakert. Captured by Sasha Kots