On February 25-26, 1992, inhumane massacres took place against the population of Khojaly. Most of the population had managed to leave the area and passed through the humanitarian corridor provided by the Armenians to Aghdam.

Yes, the Armenians had given them a humanitarian corridor, thanks to which many people crossed safely to Aghdam, which was then under the control of the Azerbaijani side. Only next morning, about 5 dozen corpses were found near Aghdam. It was from this moment that the distortion of history began.(1)

Here Dana Mazalova shows the humanitarian corridor (two red parallel), and the place where people were killed (red cross)

Chingiz Mustafa, who is now the national hero of Azerbaijan, was the first to reveal this falsification.

Chingiz’s question to the President of Azerbaijan Mutalibov:

“The bodies were found 10 km away from Khojaly, 700 meters away from our positions. Until now, it is not clear to me why armed Azeris were walking near the corpses of our people. Before that I was told that there were one or two corpses and armenians who had killed them, but those people were not afraid of the Azerbaijani helicopter․ I went down there and saw that those people were ours.

I do not understand why our people were killed 700 meters away from our borders, why Azerbaijani soldiers moved freely in those corpses, and no one gathered them”.(2)

Chingiz Mustafaev during his bold speech 

Later, Chingiz’s colleague, Czech journalist Dana Mazalova, who at that time was in Azerbaijan, remembers: “Chingiz flew there by helicopter, taking some of the dead with him to bury them. Everyone was dressed, untouched. A few days later, when Mustafa returned for the other bodies, he was surprised by the changes in their condition. Bodies were tortured, scalped”․(3)

Chingiz told Mazalova during one of the meetings: “These people were killed in the most brutal way․ They shot them in the knee, which is a slow and very painful death. Some corpses were still fresh. They were killed only 40-45 minutes ago. ”

Mazalova also mentioned: “Chingiz told me, ‘I’m afraid to walk in Baku without body armor!‘(4)

As an example, the footage shows the body of a little girl dressed in the first shootings on February 29, with no signs of violence. On March 2, when international journalists arrived at the scene, the same girl was stripped naked and received a gunshot wound to the leg. In addition, in the first footage you can see that the girl’s body is evacuated by helicopter, and a few days later her body is again in the same field, but in a different place.

There are many similar frauds that have not escaped Mustafa’s camera. The Azeri journalist himself started asking questions about the inconsistency of the official version. He started his own research to find out the truth.

Chingiz was killed a few months later, while filming on the battlefield.

Who benefited from all this?

In April 1992, Mutalibov gave a detailed interview to “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” (Mazalova’s report), in which he said that, according to the surviving Khojaly residents, this was all organized so that there was a reason for his resignation․(5)

Afterwards , in an interview with Al Jazeera, he repeated the same words.(6)

Here Mazalova shows her reporting in “Nezavisimaya gazeta”

It’s important to mention that people who were killed near to Aghdam were turk-mesketians․ They were settled here by Azerbaijani government in 1989. Many of them tried to escape, but as some turk-mesketians said: “They transferred all the Azerbaijanis, but did not allow us”.(7)

Turk-mesketians who hadn’t been allowed to abandon Khojaly

All the residents of Khojaly, who remained helpless because there was no help from Azerbaijan, moved the Armenian side to Stepanakert and were sent to Aghdam by plane.(8)


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