An Azerbaijani Facebook user named Lesya Ali shares her beloved mother’s birthday wish.  The FB post full of love, gratitude and kindness towards Lesya’s mother turns into a wish for the death of the whole Armenian nation. 

“She is the best thing that my grandparents have ever made in their lives. We – her three kids – are very proud of our respectable and self-sacrificing mother whom we adore. We are still trying to be worthy of her name, love and devotion. Because of the well-known reasons (the war in Nagorno-Karabagh) she refused to celebrate her birthday even with her family, thus we didn’t even insist. Besides wishing her good health, we all shared her one and only dream for this year:

“May all Armenians be exterminated, IN SHA ALLAH.”

May your dream come true, mommy.”

It is worth to mention that people writing comments and congratulating on the occasion, they also joined the wishes and hoped this would happen as soon as possible. Evil thoughts covered with cute birthday wishes and festive emojis is another type of hatred propaganda.