After heavy shelling of Artsakh by using prohibited phosphorous weapon on 30 October 2020, Azerbaijani representative, Hikmet Hajiyev, 3 days later published a video of “decomposition of Armenia fired phosphorus projectiles”, and claimed this happened earlier in October.

Azerbaijani reporters in the process of adding extra effects to the scene

What really happened?

1800 hectares of forests were burnt down by Azerbaijani military using phosphorus munitions. Mountains of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) are facing mass environmental destruction. Using phosphorus is forbidden by international law.

White phosphorous weapons spread burning phosphorous, which burns at over 800 degrees centi grade (about 1,500 degrees fahrenheit), over a wide area, up to several hundred square meters. The burning will continue until the phosphorous has been completely depleted or until it no longer is exposed to oxygen. The weapon has a potential to cause particularly horrific and painful injuries or slow painful death.

Peter Herbya, head of International Committee of the Red Cross (Phosphorous weapons – the ICRC’s view). [1]
Result of use of forbidden white phosphorus by Azerbajian to the body of a soldier. 

Artak Beglaryan, Human Rights Ombudsman of the Artsakh Republic, comments the current situation:

[1] International Committee of the Red Cross

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