Armenian volunteers from the Diaspora, reported as “mercenaries” in Azerbaijani news, are in Armenia holding the Bible, the New Testament in their hands.

Azerbaijani mass media outlets continue reporting about the alleged existence of hired terrorists among the military forces of Nagorno-Karabakh. Nevertheless, Azerbaijani reporters apparently haven’t dedicated much time to doing their research properly. 

User @Cavid tweeted a slide from the screen from the briefing by Azerbaijani General Prosecutor Kamran Aliyev and Hikmet Hajiyev who talked about the so-called illegal tourism activities in Armenia

The young men who were represented as mercenaries turned out to be Armenian volunteers from the Diaspora, highly educated and respected citizens of France and Israel. Sipan, Apo, Sipan and Setrag come from the creative industry – theatre and music. They bought a one-way ticket to Armenia on September 27th, immediately after learning about Azerbaijan’s attack. 

Sipan, French actor; Sipan, French musician; Apo, musician from Jerusalem; Setrag, student of Arm-Fra University

As each of them speaks more than four languages, they are positioned on the roads of Artsakh to provide assistance to international reporters – from translational services to cooking and serving coffee. These devoted young patriots volunteer on the roads 24/7 even sleeping in their cars. The young men also expressed willingness to fight on the frontline in order to defend their motherland if neccessary. 

Source: InfoCenter,